Solving the Great Digital Dilemma

Launched at the World Retail Congress 2024 in Paris, our new report describes what we’ve always instinctively known – and now have the data to prove: there is a symbiotic and beneficial link between powerful brands that are influencing culture, and the performance of those brands online.

In an industry first, we have fused two best-in-class data sets, from WPP BAV and Similarweb, linking brand equity, digital performance metrics, and share price. The evidence is clear: having a strong, influential brand is what actually drives the digital metrics that matter.

This means businesses no longer have to choose between brand building and performance marketing. All that struggling to strike “the right balance” between brand and sales is over. Brand building is performance marketing that drives sales.

Discover the correlation between Brand Influence, Creativity, and key metrics linked to online success in retail, and the diagnoses of brands by category – and how the most Influential brands drive the most web traffic.

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