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Solving the Digital Dilemma

Combining brand building and performance marketing is the new superpower.

A brand new way of thinking

Launched at the World Retail Congress 2024 in Paris, WPP BAV is drawing on the expertise of a trusted partner with its own widely respected measurement toolbox.

In the first partnership of its kind, we’re working with Similarweb, the digital data company collecting consumers’ digital behavior from the entire world, and specializing in web traffic and digital business performance.

By uniting the databases of BAV and Similarweb, then applying BAV analysis, we’ve been able to find what we’ve always instinctively known – and now have the data to prove. There is a symbiotic and beneficial link between powerful brands that are Influencing culture, and the performance of those brands online.

Our research shows that the top most Influential brands benefit by:


more chosen for “regular use” over rival brands


more chosen as shoppers’ “top preference” over rival brands


higher income growth when influence is paired with strong creativity

The most influential brands drive the most website traffic

There is a strong correlation between Brand Influence, Creativity, and key metrics linked to online success in retail.

When brands earn that Influence through Trust, this supercharges their visitor numbers or, more specifically, their share of visitors relative to the rest of their category. Performance is another powerful factor in the Influence driving traffic to brand sites.

Creativity supercharges engagement and loyalty

Creativity, drives higher-than-average repeat visit rates as well as longer site dwell times.

The biggest Influence factor to play a role in engagement rates emerges as Convenience; the most Convenient brands in retail have much higher-than-average engagement rates.

Launched at the World Retail Congress 2024 in Paris