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Most Influential Retail Brands

Influence matters, particularly to retail brands, because, in times like this, exerting Influence through emotional connections is the antidote to the alternative: price-cutting. Learn why it pays to be Influential – and to be Influential in as many ways as possible.

The charge of the challenger brands

BAV® learning from brands that have disrupted.

World retail congress 2024

Watch interviews from the World Retail Congress 2024 on the ever-fascinating and ever-changing world of retail around the globe.

Solving the great digital dilemma

Discover how combining brand building and performance marketing is the new superpower.

Lunar new year

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon.

Brand Partnerships

Brands are like us. They have their own personalities, attributes and images. And, like us, what might look like a great partnership on paper might not click.

Amazon Prime Day 2023

Global analysis on Amazon Prime Day 2023, and implications for the holiday shopping season and beyond.

Consumer packaged goods

Being fully informed on the ever-changing world of Food and Beverage is critical for anyone associated with the sector.

World Retail Congress

10 Killer lessons from the World Retail Congress 2023.

11.11 2022 Insights Series

Interviews with key Alibaba leaders, strategic observations of the key 2022 trends and contextual insights to understand China retail.


The most comprehensive study into the relationship between ethnicity and the consumer experience in the UK.

Earth day

Celebrating our planet and the efforts brands are making to take care of it.

Women’s History Month

Celebrating the unique perceptions of women-led brands.

BAV Metaverse

Showcasing BAV’s innovations, services, programs and data in ways that will take your breath away: and make you rub your eyes in wonder.

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