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Welcome to a fantastical new world – the BAV Metaverse.
Set on its own virtual island. The BAV Metaverse showcases BAV’s innovations, services, programs and data in ways that will take your breath away: and make you rub your eyes in wonder.

Take your time to visit the pavilions, each one hosting a fount of BAV knowledge and insights.  As you journey through the Metaverse you’ll encounter apps, services, publications, videos and interviews all curated to help you build your business: develop and refine strategy and further your understanding of the ever-changing dynamics in the global marketplace.

Download and enjoy our extraordinary virtual experience app onto your smartphone (iOS and Android), Mac or PC.

How to download the app

Select your operating system below for links to download the Metaverse app.

Please make sure that you have your Wifi enabled. Or if you use 4G, that you are happy to use your data allowance for this application. Please note that all video and posters are streamed from the internet.

The application is, by default, installed in your Applications Directory. You can easily access Diginar from Launchpad Icon on your toolbar to start.

The Diginar app is compatible with Windows 10 or later. It requires at least a Windows 3D graphics video card, 8 GB RAM and 2 GB free hard disk space. VLC media player is required to play videos.