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We highlight the unique perceptions of women-led brands, and impact of women as consumers. Discover how women-forward brands are breaking through cluttered markets, and find if your brand is resonating among women.

Women make a brand go viral

Companies run by women are disrupting their industries

Women-led brands bring more love to business

Unlike typical strong brands in culture, female forward brands are…

26% more Daring and Creative

22% more Visionary

13% more Committed to Inclusion

Women-led companies are disrupting the identity of what is means to be a strong brand

Strong brands can no longer just deliver on functionality

Conscientious pioneers, moving the world forward!

Brands that resonate with women rank in the top 30% against all brands on Fun, Social, Socially Responsible, Committed to Inclusion, and Worth More.

In order to capture the hearts of female consumers, brands have to be sensitive, playful, yet empowering

Remember marketers… Brands that win the hearts of women, win the economy

Is your brand is resonating among women?