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What are BAV Archetypes?

Archetypes are the characters that reflect the human face of a brand. They’re a way of neatly and vividly capturing the way people feel about a particular brand.

They help brands to understand, adapt to, and help determine how different audiences view them. A brand’s Archetype profile can form the basis of the language and imagery a brand uses. It can be a springboard for creating high-impact communication that ‘feels right’.

Discover where a brand sits in its competitive set and, more broadly, in culture – and where its opportunities lie.

Ticking several boxes

Brands that have a balanced Archetype profile, with strength in two or even more areas, are more interesting, engaging and successful. Even better if the different areas of strength are contrasting, creating a degree of tension between them.

We have divided the 12 Archetypes into four major groups, or clusters. A brand that’s primarily seen as being one Archetype can create depth of character and greater differentiation by cultivating strength in an Archetype from a contrasting cluster.