Welcome to BAV Manic Monday

This isn’t just another Manic Monday courtesy of the Bangles – this is a very special Monday.

The day BAV launches a host of new tools to help you and your clients get even more from BAV – so much activity we just had to call it Manic Monday.

Looking for the ideal brand partner? Go to BAV Matchmaker. Want to understand consumer behaviour patterns? Head to BAV’s new Brand Commitment Funnel.
Pillar pattern diagnosis? Leadership gap analyses? Country downloads? Brand love? BAV voice butler?

All there, ready for you to explore, learn from and help you build your clients’ business.

We launched BAV, WPP’s new brand analytics platform a few months ago and it’s already helping win new business the world over.

Join us and see what we can do for you.

David Roth
CEO The Store WPP, Chairman BAV