Introducing the BAV Graphic Novel

Issue 1 of the BAV Graphic Novel is now available to create for any brand and in any country. Create data-driven, compelling brand stories to engage with clients and prospects, and see the data come to life.

The storylines are mined directly from our vast BAV data bank – there are more than 100 million different versions of our first edition – to create a data-driven, custom-written brand story, on-demand. This is where big data and AI meet creativity.

Graphic Novels are available in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

It takes a mere 60 seconds from clicking on your computer, tablet or mobile asking for your graphic novel to you receiving it as a PDF. And it’s available to everyone at WPP across the world.

During that time, our precision engineered technology on The Fount goes on an epic, but warp speed journey… identifying the correct BAV data from our 14 billion data points, writing the narrative storyline based on the data, assembling the right images and creating the text in the right language.

The Graphic Novels tell the story of a brand’s Personality and perceptions by consumers in an accessible, fun and colourful way. True, data-driven creativity. And let’s face it, data can be a bit dry, could use a little creative sparkle.