Everything you wanted to know about BAV…but were afraid to ask

The ways that BAV can help you better understand brands, brands in culture, consumers and the global marketplace are manifold, innovative, and remarkable.

And sometimes a little overwhelming.

That’s why on the 8th September we are launching our series of


Informal, bite-sized talks from BAV experts in which they explain the many ways BAV can help you. More like fire-side chats than presentations, the talks will run every Wednesday throughout the year each session lasts no more than 15 minutes.

Want to gain an unfair advantage in your upcoming pitch? Better understand a brand’s DNA? Find the best partner for your brand? All these and countless other topics will be covered.

Also, once every six weeks we will be holding a live BAV ‘surgery’ for you to ask any BAV related questions that you have hosted by a panel of BAV specialists. All questions are welcome and hopefully, all answered.

Make a note in your diary – Wednesdays – 4.30 pm (GMT). 11.00 am (EST)

We look forward to you joining us. The better you get to know BAV the richer the reward for you and your clients.

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