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Celebrating Earth Day

We celebrate our beautiful planet and all the efforts that brands make to care for it.

Happy and sustainable Earth Day to everyone!

Today, we celebrate both our beautiful planet and all the efforts that brands are making to care for it.

According to our BAV Best Countries data, 87% of global consumers agree that they strive to live an environmentally sustainable life. In response, brands are increasingly offering eco-friendly products and services to help protect our world.

At BAV, we measure a “Committed to Environment” metric to capture consumers’ opinions on brands that are helping us care for our planet.

When we look at the Top 50 Committed to Environment brands in different markets, we see that each market has different leading sectors on this concept.

For example, in Japan, sectors like corporations, home appliances and automobiles pave the way to sustainability. While in the US, the Health and Beauty, Food, and Internet sectors adapted faster on their journey to become environmentally friendly.

Look at Impossible Foods in the US. The brand is committed to being environmentally friendly through its innovative approach to plant-based meat alternatives by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and focusing on sustainable ingredients and packaging.

And in Japan, Toyota, respected and celebrated as the first car brand to mass produce a hybrid vehicle, continues to adapt to the rapidly changing environmental conditions by updating their commitment to sustainability. They are committed to creating more BEV and EVs while also finding ways to decrease and eliminate their carbon footprint altogether throughout their entire production cycle.

So, what are some brand benefits of being a Committed to the Environment brand?

Based on BAV US 2022 data, top Committed to the Environment brands have 19% more Brand Strength – an indicator of momentum and future growth potential.

Beyond adding value to their brands by being environmentally responsible, manufacturers understand they have a responsibility to protect the environment and to adopt sustainable practices that minimize the negative impact their brands have on the planet.

By doing so, they join us all in creating a more sustainable future for everyone!