Behind the Scenes of our Graphic Novel

The BAV Graphic Novel series creates data-driven, compelling brand stories that are mined directly from our vast BAV data bank in real time to bring data to life and to understand a brand’s story. They can be created for almost any brand and in any country, and are available in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

The wealth of data – there are more than 100 million different versions of our first edition – creates a custom-written brand story, on-demand. This is where big data meets personalised creativity.

Following the first Personality Graphic Novel edition, get a preview of the soon to be launched edition 2 – the Brand Equity Graphic Novel. It paints a clear picture of a brand’s Equity profile, which drives consumer emotion and confidence in a brand – and a healthy bottom line.

Behind every BAV Graphic Novel is a complex, multi-faceted and innovative delivery system made possible through the combustion of creativity with latest innovations in technology.

On November 9, we’re holding a short webinar where you can meet the team behind our graphic novels. For the strategists among us, I’ll be talking to the writer/artist team who created and illustrated the novels, and then, with technologists very much in mind, we’ll be exploring the latest technology that has enabled us to create custom-written novels born of billions of brand data points.

BAV Graphic Novels are respected and enjoyed by colleagues and our clients around the world. In their colourful, informative and charming way they make a fun gift as well as a very different way of learning about your brand of choice.

I look forward to seeing you on November 9, for what promises to be a lively, spirited and instructive 20 minute webinar on the BAV Graphic Novels

Thursday, November 9:

10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET

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