Covering the biggest shopping festival in the world

To discover the latest developments in all things retail, we must look to China, where ideas and innovations are impacting everything in the retail world.

The Alibaba 11:11 global Shopping Festival is far and away the biggest sales event in the world. Every day of the festival highlights innovations and procedures that are sure to be adopted by brands and retailers globally. 

BAV has a unique and deep understanding of the Chinese market. From the growth of the health and wellness category to the digitization of the supply chain, BAV’s unparalleled knowledge of the market is a vital source of information to anyone looking for an understanding of the global retail space. 

For the duration of the 2021 festival, we will be broadcasting live from the WPP BAV Alibaba Command Center Studios. With daily updates on the festival, interviews with retail experts and in-depth panel discussions we’ll be providing a fund of insights, opinion and retail analysis. 

It promises to be a fascinating and informative program, and a great opportunity for you and your brands to get ahead of the retail curve.

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